Saturday, 13 September 2014

Abigor: Leytmotif Luzifer (2014) Album Review

Full disclosure, I don't have any other Abigor albums, demos, EPs or what have you. For whatever reason I (shamefully it would seem) never made the effort to get anything more than a passing familiarity with them. Part of the reason could be that there is never any hype around them, probably due largely to their very respectable attitude toward the shambolic circlejerk that comprises "metal press", toward which Abigor's approach apparently ranges from dismissive to openly antagonistic. I'm vaguely aware that they have attempted various experiments and transformations that have been met with mixed acclaim, but beyond that this is a purely objective review of their beautifully presented and musically stunning 10th full-length.

Three Solid Ways to Avoid Scammers Like Blake Judd

I really enjoyed the article on where Neill Jameson of Krieg spilled all on his experiences with Blake Judd. Not just because it might help in some small way to stop people enabling the pathetic frontman of Nachtmystium. Not just because it was a terrific tale, brilliantly told, that in a perfect world would be fashioned into a high-octane biopic movie about the black metal underworld and drug addiction. A little bit of my appreciation for it was based on the fact that it this is all just further proof that heavy metal isn't all one big happy loving family holding hands. Man is by his nature nasty, brutish and short, and you're all trying to screw each other just as much as the lobotomized mainstreamers you're so scared of. There's no brotherhood, and no unity.

Which all helps me enjoy Nachtmystium's sole decent song, the wonderful 'Assassins' (which just copies second wave riffs and adds gang choruses then a cool psych build, check it out), all the more.

There is some good news though, which is if you stay alert and watch your neighbours you can avoid being scammed out of the cash you slaved for the man to earn by people like Blake Judd. Here's some tips (after the jump break):

My Own Ghost: Love Kills (2014) Album Review

My Own Ghost are a gothic pop and rock band out of Luxembourg, recently formed last year and presenting here a professional sounding debut album. Although the promo information I was sent compared them to the likes of the execrable Evanescence, the sound and imagery here is more of white sterilized corridors and rain-lashed cities than crypts and corsets. The sound here isn't a million miles away from a bastard lovechild of Placebo and Blondie, and if that sounds good to you then it is, if not, run far away.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Prophesied Blood Moons: Best 15 Songs of the Year so Far

Recent apocalypses have included Grigori Rasputin's tip for the 23rd of August last year, when fire didn't eat all life on the planet and Jesus conspicuously didn't return to Earth to comfort people in distress (although his efforts would have been characteristically pointless if a fire had killed everyone and only then did his sainted arse arrive). Coming up we've got the tetrad of blood moons that promise to herald the end times, having apparently begun with the lunar eclipse in April.

So with the world ending as it always is, here is a very much delayed list of some of the best songs out yet this year. Fifteen killer metal tracks. As usual there are many albums that are just good or consistent throughout from which I haven't chosen a track.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ordoxe: Beyond Mankind (2014) Album Review

Formed in 1989, Ordoxe only fired up a debut release in 2006, and seem to have diligently and modestly toiled since then. My first thought was Desaster meets Arckanum, given the thrashing riffs driving the band's vehicle of wrath, and slightly more esoteric or mysterious chords that boosted it away from a more faithful adaptation of traditional black thrash attacks. But the band brought enough inspiration to fill Ordoxe's own albums and probably a couple of side projects to, stuffing in more playing styles and genre derivations than the mind will likely process on first listen.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lest Ye Be Judged MMXIV.001: Malhkebre, Mondvolland and Vinterbris

Here's another old feature I'm bringing back under my own steam; Denial of Goat's Lest Ye Be Judged. In order to profile even more underground black metal bands, here is a scraping of promos I have received from around this blasted world. Mondvolland is one of the best things I have heard from the black metal released in 2014, but before that there are two others to get through. Read on, or don't!

Malhkebre: Revelation (2014) Album Review

I'd only previously experienced these mad fucks on a split with Aosoth, but with their debut, Malhkebre to me seem like a logical conclusion to the sickening permutations of black metal in their home country of France, without quite fucking off into the stratosphere of weirdness like Diapsiquir.

Shine A Black Light MMXIV.003: Throne of Evil

Third to suffer our scrutiny are Throne of Evil, a black metal entity from out of Chile. Frontbeast Balrog responds to interrogation before his works are dissected below.

Hails Balrog. Please introduce your band for the uninformed without using the words "black" and "metal".

Throne of Evil was constructed in Antofagasta Chile in late 2006. We made ​several presentations throughout the north of the country. During this period taking their 5 song ep "Blasphemy Salvation".; a dark and misanthropic material that talks about the hypocrisy of the Catholic church and manifests the repudiation to the weak humanity and his worldly lifestyle. In 2009, I (Balrog), leader and founder of Throne of Evil, must travel to the capital of Chile, given a break in the band. Balrog However, does not delay in finding a new alignment, (Lakar in drums & Natas on guitars)

In late 2013, we released their full length called "Muerte por Creencias," a material focused on the ancient indigenous cultures of southern world forgotten by modern society without memory. Continue the enhancement of old forgotten values ​and placing them on a throne... a throne from which they will return to Reign.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Shine A Black Light MMXIV.002: AK-11

The second band to come under the Black Light is Australian troopers AK-11, whose debut album is being launched soon.

Hails Valak. Please introduce your band for the uninformed without using the words "black" and "metal".

AK-11 (Avtomat : Kalashnikov 2011) is a 'Strategic, Left Hand Path, Military, Pagan, Propaganda Band.' It's a weapon against the feeble & backward philosophies & consequential actions of  organised religions of the 'white light'.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shine A Black Light MMXIV.001: Serpents Lair

That's right, the Shine A Black Light feature pioneered by erstwhile co-scribe F.G.R.X. returns. As was done in 2012, the feature will include a short interview with an underground, unheard-of band (not the sort of "underground" bands you have on Dark Descent or Hell's Headbangers yeah) followed immediately by a review of their latest (usually solitary) release. The first band to be featured in Shine A Black Light MMXIV is Denmark's Serpents Lair.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Temple of Baal: Verses of Fire (2013) Album Review

This sort of slipped past me last year. I'd only heard this band, which features members of Hell Militia and Aosoth, on a split with Aosoth previously and the latter's track stuck with me more than the other offering. On journeying repeatedly into the rabid and dense ritual these impressively bearded Frenchmen have worked on Verses of Fire however, much is revealed. It's a dichotomous record in that it definitely has an immediate, punishing impact - yet it only truly, truly rewards on repeat listens. Over the past six months or so I haven't been able to get enough of it (or the previous album and the split with Ritualization), and with each fresh listen I'm sold more and more on the entity Temple of Baal has become.