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The Codex Extremitet: Index of all Swedish Metal Reviews on The Heavy Metal Saloon

This is an index of every review we at the Saloon o' doom have written for Swedish artists. Organised by genre for simple browsing. We are not a fancy website and I'm shit at HTML so this is our directory, right here.

So that The Heavy Metal Saloon can be a useful resource containing extreme metal reviews for both recent releases and classics, it will increasingly be organised by country. So if you want to read about say, doom metal bands from Sweden, you can find all of our listings for such reviews in this codex. More such indexes will be written soon and this one will be updated regularly.

The Codex Extremitet: Swedish Doom Metal | Swedish Black Metal | Swedish Death Metal
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Avatarium: Avatarium (2013) Album Review

Ocean Chief: Sten (2013) Album Review

Ocean Chief: The Northern Lights (2007) Split Album Review 

Cult of the headless witch: Cult of the headless witch (2013) Demo Review

Draconian: The Burning Halo (2006) Album Review

Mammoth Storm: Rite of Ascension (2014) EP Review

Tiamat: Clouds (1992) Album Review

Tiamat: Wildhoney (1995) Album Review 

Candlemass: King of the Grey Islands (2007) Album Review 

Candlemass: Death Magic Doom (2009) Album Review

Count Raven: Wolfmoon (2010) Split EP Review

Count Raven: Mammons War (2009) Album Review 

Griftegard: Wedded to Grief (2010) Split EP Review

DoomDogs: DoomDogs (2009) Album Review

Runemagick: Dawn of the End (2007) Album Review 

Runemagick: Invocation of Magick (2006) Album Review

Runemagick: Moon of the Chaos Eclipse (2002) Album Review

Runemagick: Envenom (2005) Album Review

Runemagick: On Funeral Wings (2004) Album Review

Runemagick: Darkness Death Doom (2003) Album Review

Runemagick: Requiem of the Apocalypse (2002) Album Review

Runemagic: The Northern Lights (2007) Split Album Review

Suma: Ashes (2011) Album Review


Sacramentum: Finis Malorum (1995) EP Review

Watain: The Wild Hunt (2013) Album Review

Sacramentum: Thy Black Destiny (1999) Album Review

Arckanum: Kaos Svarta Mar (2004) Split Album Review

Svartsyn: Skinning the Lambs (2004) Split Album Review

Setherial: Lords of the Nightrealm (1997) Album Review

Marduk: Iron Dawn (2011) EP Review

Marduk: Serpent Sermon (2012) Album Review 

Funeral Mist: Maranatha (2009) Album Review 

Infernal: Infernal (1999) EP Review

Marduk: World Funeral (2002) Album Review

Ofermod: Thaumiel (2012) Album Review

Shining: Redefining Darkness (2012) Album Review 

Skogen: Eld (2012) Album Review

Treblinka: Severe Abominations (1989) EP Review


Skyfire: Spectral (2003) Album Review

Skyfire: Fractal (2010) EP Review 

Vomitory: Dead and Drunk - Live! (2011) DVD Review

Edge of Sanity: Purgatory Afterglow (1994) Album Review

Therion: Lemuria (2004) Album Review

Therion: Sirius B (2004) Album Review

Therion: Sitra Achra (2010) Album Review 

Therion: Time Shall Tell (1990) EP Review

Bloodbath: Unblessing the Purity (2008) EP Review

Torture Division: The Sacrifice (2013) Demo Review

Torture Division: The Worship (2013) Demo Review 

Torture Division: Satan, Sprit och Våld (2012) Demo Review

Torture Division: Through the Eyes of a Dead (2011) Demo Review

Torture Division: Evighetens Dårar III (2010) Demo Review

Torture Division: Evighetens Dårar II (2010) Demo Review

Torture Division: Evighetens Dårar I (2009) Demo Review

Bombs of Hades: Carnivores (2009) EP Review

Dark Tranquillity: Fiction (2007) Album Review

Dark Tranquillity: We Are the Void (2009) Album Review

Dark Tranquillity: Zero Distance (2010) EP Review

Nightrage: Wearing a Martyr's Crown (2009) Album Review

Ribspreader: Meathymns (2014) Album Review

Ribspreader: The Van Murders (2011) Album Review 

Revolting: Dreadful Pleasures (2010) Album Review

Runemagick: Resurrection in Blood (2000) Album Review

The Few Against Many: Sot (2009) Album Review 

The Grotesquery: The Facts and Terrifying Testimony of Mason Hamilton (2012) Album Review

The Grotesquery: Tales of the Coffin Born (2010) Album Review

The Project Hate MCMXCIX: The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda (2012) Album Review

The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Bleeding the New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis in Manibus Arms) (2011) Album Review

Unleashed: Odalheim (2012) Album Review


Sabaton: Carolus Rex (2012) Album Review

Sabaton: Coat of Arms (2010) Album Review

Wolves Under Sail: Grave-before-slave (2011) EP Review

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